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First Home Buyer | Investor | Sydney

Client : Antony


  • Get into the market with initial deposit about 35k
  • Property’s value surged by nearly 100k in 1 year
  • Rental yield: 7%
  • Positive cash flow

Antony, both an investor and a first home buyer, initially approached us with little knowledge about property matters. Our dedicated team member, Jennie, provided him with thorough consultations, explaining how we could assist him in entering the market. Jennie meticulously presented various options, showcasing our exceptional deals, and consistently kept Antony informed about our offerings. With our assistance, he entered the market with only around 35k. Within a year, the property’s value surged by nearly 100k, boasting a rental yield of 7%. Following settlement, our Black Swan property management team swiftly secured a tenant within 24 hours, ensuring Antony’s investment was in good hands.

Since then, Antony has entrusted us with his property, benefiting from our comprehensive one-stop-shop services, which make the entire process stress-free and devoid of any drama.

Investor | Sydney

Client : Chris


  • Benefit from Vendor Finance of fixed interest of 4.25% for 3 years 
  • Borrowed 90% from the Vendor / Developer 
  • Rental yield: Approximately 6%
  • Positive cash flow 

Chris, an investor from Sydney, first reached out to us approximately two years ago in search of properties throughout Australia. Despite presenting him with various options at the time, none seemed to catch his interest. However, our dedicated senior sales executive, Jennie, was undeterred. Consistently keeping Chris updated on all the exceptional deals offered by Black Swan, she ensured he remained informed and didn’t miss out on any opportunities.

After a year of persistent follow-up, we finally identified a suitable investment opportunity for Chris—a unit in Parramatta CBD. What made this deal even more attractive was the vendor finance offer of 4.25% interest for 3 years, coupled with a rental yield of approximately 6%. Delighted with the entire process, Chris was pleased with the outcome. We celebrated his successful investment at our Christmas boat party in 2023.

Investor | Sydney

Client : Tobias


  • Benefit from Vendor Finance of fixed interest of 4.5% for 3 years 
  • Borrowed 90% from the Vendor / Developer 
  • Rental yield: Approximately 6%
  • Positive cash flow

Tobias, an investor from Sydney, reached out to us in 2023 seeking property to purchase. Despite the challenges posed by high interest rates, he remained determined to explore options in the eastern suburbs, despite their hefty price tags exceeding his budget. Introduced to us by his wife, a friend of Sophia, Tobias explained his situation.

Understanding Tobias’s needs, Sophia swiftly identified the perfect solution for him. After showcasing the display room and explaining the financial details, Tobias was convinced. He chose one of the most sought-after off-the-plan projects in Eastgardens, precisely in the area he desired. With a two-bedroom apartment priced at 1.025 million dollars, Tobias benefited from vendor finance with an interest rate of 4.5% for three years. With a promising rental yield of 6% in Sydney, Tobias made a prudent decision. Delighted with his purchase, we celebrated at our Christmas party in 2023.

Investor | First Home Buyer | Sydney

Client : Toby 


  • Purchased 3 properties in 2 years 
  • Rental yield: More than 6%
  • Positive cash flow

Toby embarked on his journey as both a first-time homebuyer and an investor, seeking assistance from Black Swan and Sophia. Initially aiming to find a place to call home in Sydney, Toby faced the challenge of exorbitant prices despite having a decent deposit. Exhausted from scouring through countless open homes, he struggled to find a suitable property.

With Toby’s solid income, Sophia highlighted the untapped potential of utilising properties for tax deductions—a concept previously unknown to him. Introducing Toby to an accountant, Sophia elucidated how he could benefit from these investments financially. This decision led him to acquire two properties in Canberra boasting rental yields exceeding 6%, experiencing capital growth of $150,000 within a year, and self-paying their loans. He even reclaimed $20,000 during tax return time in the first year he purchased

Youngest Investor

Client : Chris

Chris was only 22 years old when he secured his first property purchase. We suggested Chris to look beyond Sydney and secure an amazing property purchase deal in Canberra with a 7% guarantee for 5 years. In total Chris had only spent on legal fees and was able to settle this property purchase. He was able to get maximum loan from bank with our professionals help. We also assisted in securing a tenant before this property was settled. Since then, Chris has been able to secure a monthly positive cashflow and have his mortgage paid off by tenants. Also, with the advice of our team, Chris uses the properties depreciation to reduce his taxes.

Youngest Professional

Client : Reza

Our recent Black Swan client Reza, worked with the Black Swan team to secure an amazing property purchase deal with 7% guarantee for 5 years. Before meeting Black Swan Property Group, he was looking for property on market for very long time, he did not know what to buy, and after he meet Black Swan Property Group, he could secure great deal with less than 30k in total, and with his rest savings he is able to buy second one in just a few months after, and he never even thought he could buy 2 properties in such a short time.

First Home Buyer

Client : Zishan

Our recent Black Swan client Zishan, worked with the Black Swan team to secure an amazing property purchase deal with 7% guarantee for 5 years. Prior to seeing our Black Swan team, Zishan was unaware and inexperienced with property purchases. However, after consulting and meeting with our team he was able to settle the property for only $27,000 including all costs. Our client is now able to generate a positive cash flow of $400 per month after all expenses. He uses his rent to pay the mortgage and the property’s depreciation to reduce his taxes.

Experienced Investor

Client : Elaine 

Our recent Black Swan client Elaine, she came to Black Swan Property Group when she was looking to purchase property. She was interested in one project which was launched last year, with Black Swan Property Group’s professional services, and great relationship with big developers , Elaine was able to secure the property type she likes on Launch day. She knew many local agents, but she ended up choosing Black Swan Property Group who made the whole process very smooth and effortless for her.

First Home Buyer | Owner Occupier | Sydney

Client : James


  • Benefit from Vendor Finance of fixed interest of 4.25% for 3 years 
  • Borrowed 85% from the Vendor / Developer 
  • Paying less than he would be renting
  • Has his own brand new apartment to call home

James reached out to us in February 2024 as a first-time homebuyer. With a budget of $600k, James sought a location away from Sydney but still within reasonable commuting distance from his workplace in Mascot. Enthralled by a stunning unit boasting a picturesque river view back to Sydney CBD and the Harbour Bridge, James wasted no time in securing it with a deposit.

From there, we streamlined the process, connecting James with brokers and lawyers, and negotiating extended terms with the developer for his final deposit. With the switch from renting to homeownership, James now enjoys approximately $200 in weekly savings compared to renting a similar property.

 Investor | First Home Buyer | Sydney

Client : Ivan


  • Purchased first property in Canberra 
  • Special deal: 6% rental return naturally 
  • Capital gain: 20% after 1 year later

Ivan is a first home buyer, when he came to Black Swan at a very early stage of property searching, he was not sure what he wanted  to do, either buying principle home or properties, but due to the dear price of Sydney market, it would be hard for him to get into the market with little capital.

Therefore we presented him the property which has the highest rental yield around 5.9%, and lowest vacancy rate of 0.9% and negotiated a very great price for him as well, so Ivan ended up buying a brand new property in the Centre CBD of Canberra for $430k and getting around $500/week rent. Now he is ready to buy his second property from Black Swan Property Group

Owner Occupier | Sydney

Client : Alex


  • Benefit from Vendor Finance of fixed interest of 5.25% for 3 years 
  • Borrowed 90% from the Vendor /developer 
  • Finally found home for himself

Alex, a first-time homebuyer, was searching for properties in the Zetland and Waterloo areas when he first met Andy, and Sophia. He was looking for a home for himself  but was becoming exhausted from the extensive search. Alex and his friend, Alvin, were both on the hunt but couldn’t find anything they liked. Black Swan introduced them to the Pagewood projects, a location they hadn’t initially considered. Despite not being ready to buy immediately, the off-the-plan project was an excellent fit for their situation. Sophia negotiated a longer deposit period, allowing them to secure the deal with just a 5% deposit first and another 5% in another few months.

Ten months later, in May 2024, Alex moved into his new home with an amazing view. Alex is thrilled to live in such a beautiful place, and with the help of the Black Swan team, he finally found a place to call home.

*Disclaimer: This info isn’t financial/legal advice for property investments either selling or buying. We suggest conducting your own research, considering your circumstances, or seeking guidance from a qualified financial or legal advisor regarding any property introduced by us. Financing deal & pricing subject to change & approval.

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